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Laser treatment of scars had to say.

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Update time : 2015-07-20 14:24:24

scar is a lot of people in pain, they sometimes sigh why God is so rough, but left a mark on his perfect skin. In fact, Xiaobian blame everyone and everything but not oneself no use, not actively looking for a method of treating scar, it is the best policy

small scars always let scorcher be cast into the shade, even ordinary people also talk about &ldquo ” scar; discoloration. Thus, the scar is how people may not be “ ”. Although there are a lot of scar treatment, but the result just passable. Therefore, people have been looking for a perfect scar treatment method, the burden falls on the laser body. To do laser treatment of scars following operation, little knowledge you have to know. 
, scar The scar on the whole is divided into primary and secondary scar. Most primary scar in the chest or shoulder, at the beginning of red dots, accompanied by itching, gradually from small to big, from soft to hard, red or dark red, round, cable shaped, butterfly. Secondary scar due to burn, burn, trauma, infection, operation of acne, edema, foreign body stimulation damage caused by factors such as dermal connective tissue hyperplasia, obviously outwardly extending capillary.