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Above the injections - for your skin to lock an ocean

Women whose nourish skin must have won't appear all sorts of problems.

Above the injection?

Above is through the small molecules of hyaluronic acid injection precision injection, instantly supply moisture to the skin dermis cells inside and outside, and storage of 200-300 times its own weight of water, at the same time increase the circulation of the skin cells of hydrodynamic, inhibit free radicals caused the risk of melanin, fade pigment, transparency and enhance cell water embellish. So as to achieve full filling water, acme lock water, moist and perfect effect to improve the appearance of fine lines.

Above the injection operation principle

Generally the moisture content of the skin cell, in the base layer is as high as 70%, the outermost layer of cuticle is only 15%. So, that only water infiltrate into deep skin hydrating the final purpose. Above is the hyaluronic acid injection by mesoderm therapy to the dermis, make the skin full of moisture, improve wrinkles and restore elasticity.